A New Approach to Anger Management

Dr. Christian Conte is a professional speaker whose unique energy is inspiring and contagious.
Expanding Consciousness Through More Peaceful Communication

For Organizations:

Organizations, no matter how big or small, are comprised of the people who work there. People are fallible. People struggle with issues. As issues arise, they detract from the task at hand. From limited vision to gossip – the everyday things that are going on in the personal lives of employees impacts the organization as a whole.

Helping your organization have expanded consciousness begins with more effective communication. Dr. Conte provides trainings and talks that are designed to inspire the people who comprise organizations. The goal is to help organizational members become more conscious – which amounts to people not only becoming more aware of their own attitudes and behaviors, but also an understanding of how their attitudes and behaviors reverberate to impact every aspect of the organization.

Healthy employees with balanced perspectives and strong internal motivation can literally change organizations overnight. When organizational members become more self-aware and learn elite communication strategies for conflict management – the organization as a whole can become a cornerstone for not only the market, but the communities around it as well.

For Individuals:

The world consists of two kinds of people: 1. People with issues and 2. People who are no longer alive… If you are currently alive, then you, like the rest of the world, fall into the first category!

We all have issues’ and that’s okay. We are doomed to repeat the past when we do not learn fom our mistakes; and we cannot learn from our mistakes until we can recognize what it is we actually do ineffectively. Until we learn to become more conscious in the way we approach our lives, we will continually say and do hurtful, ineffective, and unproductive things.

Expanding consciousness occurs by becoming more aware: More aware of why we do what we do, more aware of why we say what we say, and more aware of why we think the way we think. As we become more aware, we provide ourselves the option to either change or stay on the same path. Without awareness, we will continually do the same things over and over again.

The path to change begins when we decide to walk down it. Change always begins with us as individuals. An internal focus on how we can constantly become more effective in all of our interactions will absolutely and immediately impact not only ourselves, but the world around us as well.

Dr. Conte is an expert psychotherapist who has worked with thousands of individuals, couples, families, children, and athletes to live more conscious, intentional, productive, and peaceful lives.