Books and Media by Dr. Conte

Zen Parent, Zen Child: Distilled from many years of study Zen Buddhism, Zen Parent, Zen Child is a book that brings the reflections of a 2,600 year old philosophy to present day parenting. The reader is encouraged to pick up the book, flip open to a random page, and meditate on the reflection provided. The more parents can understand that they are being observed in every moment, the more they can help their children live loving, peaceful lives.






Do you struggle with anger? Have there been just too many times when you said things out of anger that you have regretted saying? Has anger gotten you into trouble?

Atman Management has designed a very simple formula for helping you figure out if you struggle with anger issues:

If one person has told you one time that you have anger issues, you might not have any. But, if more than one person has told you that you need to get your anger under control, or if even one person has told you on multiple occasions, then the reality is that you do struggle with handling your anger.

The Anger Management Program can help!




Life Lessons: In this book, Dr. Christian Conte offers brief, readable, and easily re-tellable stories that can challenge even the most resistant people to learn something new about themselves. The stories in this volume reflect insights from his years as an award-winning, tenured professor of counseling and over 15,000 hours of clinical experience as a psychotherapist. Life Lessons is one a fun, easy-to-read book that can instantly make readers excited to learn more about themselves.





Teaching Stories: In Teaching Stories, Dr. Conte presents exactly what the subtitle suggests: 53 bits of advice, random ideas, and half-told tales to contemplate and spark personal growth. As a former award-winning professor, Dr. Conte presents these teaching stories with the same lively, engaging, and thought-provoking style that made him a successful teacher. Readers are invited to begin on an arbitrary page, reflect on the entry, integrate the concepts, and share their wisdom with others.





Advanced Techniques for Counseling and Psychotherapy:
Throughout his career as a clinical counselor and therapist, Dr. Conte has developed many successful techniques for communicating and connecting with his patients. In his book entitled Advanced Techniques for Counseling and Psychotherapy, Dr. Conte shares methods gathered from his experience in the field. Dr. Conte’s text serves as a useful reference for both the experienced therapist and the student considering a career in counseling or mental health therapy.





Getting Control of Yourself: Anger Management Tools and Techniques (DVD): Do you struggle with anger? Do you sometimes feel out of control? Do you regret times in the past you’ve acted out in anger? Does rage every overwhelm you? Take this powerful workshop that will increase your self-understanding and give you tools to handle any situation without letting anger get the best of you.







VerbalAikido-300x264The Art of Verbal Aikido: The Path of Least Resistance to Successful Communication (CD): Almost everyone in the world would love the ability to handle even the toughest situations with ease. In this program, Dr. Conte presents an introduction to Verbal Aikido – an amazingly powerful and seemingly effortless approach to communicating with others in even the most difficult situations. Dr. Conte’s approach has already helped countless people, and now you can learn it as well.

Verbal Aikido is a method of combining self-awareness, wisdom, and creativity to enhance people’s lives through healthier, more conscious communication; but put more simply: Verbal Aikido can help you learn how to flip the metaphorical tables on someone else in any given interaction, regardless of how non-compliant, emotional, or even hostile the other person is. The end result is what we are all searching for: a path to communication that ends in our actually being understood for what we want to say.

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