How to develop a strategy for facing tough times.

We all want to feel a state of peace, no matter who we are.

You can’t hold a state of suffering and gratitude at the same time.

Anytime you say you can’t do something, you create a limit for yourself.

The facial expressions you make throughout your day, whether it’s smiling a lot or rolling your eyes constantly, or frowning, or anything else, have an impact on how you’re experiencing your day. Take control of your facial expressions, and take control of how you experience events in your day.

Many people falsely believe that if their children are angry, they should teach them to hit a pillow or some other inanimate object. This, however, is a really unwise because doing so teaches young people to associate being angry with hitting.

What can you do to mitigate the suffering caused by desire?

Be honest with yourself. If you’re going to allow yourself to take more, then don’t say that you’ve had enough. Wait and reserve saying, “Enough” for when you are actually ready to make behavioral changes.

You might imagine that you’re competing against those you can see and think, “Man, I’m doing really well comparatively;” but in a world of 7 billion people, your competition is literally in places you’re not even thinking about.

Recognize when others are helpful.