Your children are learning by watching everything you do and say. Here are some ways to teach your children effectively.

The 3 most important things you can do to handle your road rage…

When people want a specific answer, truth is pretty irrelevant.

Dealing with death isn’t easy. It isn’t supposed to be. But one thing is for certain if you’re dealing with death: You are not alone.

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There are so many people right now who feel exactly the way you do…there are more than seven billion human beings on this planet, and there are really only four primary emotions.

If you’re not happy, what’s getting in the way? Identifying the source of whatever is blocking your happiness is important.

I know my experience of honey, but I can’t ever fully share my experience of honey with you. And so it is with emotions.

But be mindful that your body language is saying a great deal more than your words.

Nagging occurs when people don’t feel heard. But you don’t have to nag to be heard – there are other ways…