Patience is a skill, and like all skills, it can be developed.

Anytime we are in uncomfortable situations, if we tell ourselves that we “cannot stand it” or that “it will NEVER end,” then we are likely to maximize our discomfort.

When insecure people treat you in rude or mean ways, be easy on them: They are simply blinded by their own insecurities.

Meditation has been demonstrated to reduce stress, anxiety, and increase overall health. It’s not a quick fix or a panacea, but it is a secret to a better existence.

When you have negative thoughts, your peripheral vision becomes more narrow; but when you have positive thoughts, you can see much more with your peripheral vision.

Sometimes you really do just need to sleep it off….

How do we stay cool when things get emotionally hot?

Decisions that you make in the present moment will impact who you are in the future, or your “future self.”

Is what you are doing, speaking, practicing, and surrounding yourself with adding to the peace or chaos of your experience of this life?

Why is it unacceptable to call someone out for doing something wrong?