By learning to master your self-talk, you can become the champion of your own motivation…

One truth that you cannot escape is that your attitude is catching on probably far more than you realize…. 

When your meaning and words match up, you’ll be happy that people are watching what you say.

Feedback about what you do is not the same thing as feedback about who you are.

How do you internally motivate others or get them to do something of their own volition? Well, there are 3 straightforward steps.

Mediation is like exercise for your brain. It’s extremely healthy for you. Here are five quick tips.

What you hear in life often has much less to do with outer sound than it does with your inner voice telling you how to perceive that sound.

The more open you are to funny experiences, the more likely you will find them.

Research shows that you can increase your creativity by getting out in nature.

Mediation is one of the most powerful exercises in the world that you can do for your brain.