Why Emotional Management?

14_0622_Dr_Conte_73917Just about anyone can turn on the daily news and have some understandable anxiety about the world. From bullying to domestic violence to public shootings, it’s no secret that when people mismanage their emotions, they have the ability to make others suffer greatly because of it. Although we teach math, reading, and science to young people, for whatever reason, we have yet to create a mandated emotional course that every person must take. And why not? We all experience emotions. We all have strong emotions that overwhelm us at times (some more frequently than others), and we are all going to be held accountable for the actions we take while under the influence of our intense emotions. So why not learn to handle our emotions more effectively? Instead of asking, “Why Emotional Management?” I believe the better question to ask is, “Why not?”

Think of Emotional Management in terms of your own life: How many unnecessary arguments have you been in throughout your life? How many of your relationships have been miserable or outright failed? How many times have you felt enraged at someone? How many times have you overreacted? How many times have you been so sad that you felt frozen in regard to what to do next? How often have you said or done things that you later regretted? How many times have you been involved in miscommunications? How many times have you allowed anxiety or fear to impact your life?

A lot? Too many to count?

Experiencing emotions is an integral part to being human, and emotional management is essential to growing as individuals. In today’s interconnected world, it is more crucial than ever for us to embark on the path to learning how to handle our emotions in the most effective way possible. When we handle our emotions well, we are more equipped to handle conflict, we become more effective communicators, and we develop the ability to navigate through every work and relationship complication that arises. But more than that: When we travel the path to learning how to handle our emotions well, it indicates that we are growing, and that we are becoming more actualized as human beings.

If we are open to it, personal growth can happen all the time. Enlightenment can come from anyone, anywhere, and at any time. The more you learn about yourself, the more effective you will become at handling your emotions. This website will guide you through the every day emotions you experience, as well as through the most intense, difficult emotions. Here you will learn communication skills, relationships skills, stress management, anger management, how to manage anxiety and depression, and how to learn from everything that comes your way. Along the way, we will aim to inspire you and ignite a passion in you for learning all that you can about yourself. Take your time and explore this website, and you will find answers to questions you have, and questions that will help you find answers that you did not realize you already have. The goal of this website is to help you become a more emotionally capable person – and the fact that you read this far demonstrates that you are ready to learn more; so please allow me to welcome you to the Emotional Management website!