You’re Not Out of Gas: Remain Hopeful for Unexpected Solutions

don't discount solutions you haven't thought of yet

In 1922 there were 7 million cars in the United States, and the United States Geological Survey estimated that the country would run out of oil by 1942. But it’s 2016, and there are nearly 250 million vehicles burning oil and gas in the United States alone. Wow, was the U.S.G.S. off base! The reason they were off by so much was that they didn’t take into consideration new solutions that weren’t even around at the time.

The same is probably true for you and me as well. Whatever problems you’re currently facing, my hope is that you understand that just because you can’t see an immediate solution doesn’t mean you’ll never find one. There are solutions around the corner that haven’t even crossed your mind yet.

In other words: No matter what you’re going through, you’re definitely not out of gas.