Hummingbirds Probably Aren’t Great Meditators: Dealing with Anxiety

managing your anxiety

Hummingbirds are fast. Very fast. They can fly sideways, backward, forward, and even upside down; their wings can flap more than 50 times in a single second… And maybe you already knew that—but did you know that their legs are so weak and positioned in such a way that they really cannot walk?

That means they are either flapping a thousand times a minute or resting on a perch. Anyone who struggles with anxiety can probably identify, because anxiety is like a hummingbird’s wings: racing thoughts that feel like they’re going a 1000 times per minute – maybe even until you finally fall asleep and your natural, slow, controlled breath can take over.

When anxious thoughts arise, it’s probably helpful to remember that slowing your breath can slow your thoughts. After all, a body that is physically relaxed cannot also simultaneously be anxious. A flying hummingbird might not be able to slow its wings down a whole lot, but a living you can certainly slow your breath down.