Donald J. Conte
is Professor Emeritus, Department of Earth Sciences, California University of Pennsylvania. He has co-authored college textbooks (Earth Science: A Holistic Approach published by W. C. Brown and Earth Science: An Integrated Perspective published by McGraw-Hill), served as a private consultant, and performed research for state and federal agencies. His interests are eclectic, and his diverse research for government agencies covers greenhouse gas emissions, environmental damage caused by underground coal mining, energy conservation and policy, green technologies, soil conservation, and economic analyses. The US EPA used his greenhouse gas emissions inventory for Pennsylvania as a model for the other states to follow. The Commonwealth appointed Professor Conte to perform its legislatively mandated (Act 54) study on the effects of coal mining and chose him to develop a green technology policy. During his 37 years as an award-winning scholar and faculty member, Professor Conte taught courses for two departments in a number of disciplines: oceanography, geology, meteorology, geography, mapping, technical writing, and literature.  His foray into cognitive mapping as a solution for emotional, psychological, and social problems stems from Professor Conte’s observation that many people wander through their lives without a positive life map based on the realities they face.  On his way to a career in research, textbook and report writing, consulting, and academia, Professor Conte (M.S.; M.A.) was a garbage man, a carpenter, a pneumatic hammer operator, a janitor, and a road construction worker. 

About My Father: Dr. Christian Conte tells you about how his father, Donald J. Conte has shaped his life and work.

IMG_6732Kristen Conte has degrees in holistic nutrition, hypnotherapy, and human services, and she has an extreme passion for wellness. Since healthy eating is the cornerstone to wellness, Kristen emphasizes creating delicious recipes that are highly nutritious. She teaches that holistic nutrition begins with the right mindset, and to that end, she employs Zen philosophy in her approach to everything she does. Her current quest is finding balance with mind, body, and spirit in an ultra-busy life. As a regular contributor to this website, Kristen’s laid-back, non-attached approach to writing provides invaluable information on nutrition, wellness, family, parenting, and Zen.