Burn Your Bridges: When Success is the Only Option

Burn your bridges

Way back in ancient times, there was a general who led his men a super far distance to the outskirts of a neighboring kingdom. Right when they were across from their enemy’s kingdom, the general had his army build a bridge to the other side. Once his entire army crossed the bridge, he turned around and set the bridge on fire. His men looked panicked, because now, obviously, they had no way to escape if they got backed up; so he said to them: “This bridge is burned. There is no way back now except to win this war.”

For the general, failure wasn’t an option – and that turned out great for him, because his army eventually won the war.

But think about your own life: What metaphorical bridges do you need to burn so that doubt can no longer stop you from achieving your dreams? Definitely burn the bridges in your life that lead you back to psychological places you don’t want to go. Burn the bridges that say, “If pursuing your dreams gets too hard, you can always come back this way.”

In this life – in your life: There’s no way back except to achieve your dreams.